About Our Clothing

We ensure that all our clothing is up to the highest standard of quality, whether its our Pro Racing kit or our 'lower down the line' Essential kit. We categorise our clothing into three types:

Functional Features: Throughout our products You may notice 'tech specs'. Here's what they all mean:


Long Distance / Long Distance D Women / Long Distance Kids.

The Long Distance shammy (LD Pad) is the newest and most advanced product in the Vermarc artillery. It's been specifically designed for Vermarc's top of the line bibs and shorts. The outermost layer of the LD pad utilises a special Nylon microfibre that incorporates Aloe Vera. The Aloe Vera component is not just a treatment... It's permanantly incorporated into the material during the manufacturing process, so that the benefits won't just fade away with one wash. The integrated Aloe Vera cools, protects and even heals the skin while the rider is in the saddle. In addition, Aloe Vera is a natural defence against bacteria. Below this outermost layer is a thick expanded memory foam with a waffled texture. The divots create the texture aid in ventilation and perspiration management so that the pad does not reatain moisture, but pushes it outside of the clothing where it can evaporate quickly.

Underneath the upper layers is a section of padding. This highly ventilated padding is cut to a unique smaller shape that protects and supports the rider at crucial contact points against the saddle. The shape of this bottom most layer is designed to comfortably contour to the riders anatomy and provide protection where it's needed most. The Long-Distance insert is elastic which stretches and conforms to all movemens on the bike, then returns to its original shape after excersise. The advanced technology and attention to detail make the 'Long Distance Pad' ideal for demanding athletes who always require maximum quality.

The kids shammy is the first and only pad on the market today that takes advantage of Aloe Vera.


The Elite pad is our most padding. The central part of the insert incorporates a special foam gel to enhance protection and absorb the road vibrations that can be transferred through the saddle as much as possible. Every component has been carefully chosen in order to have a top quality shammy. The cover material, a micro-fibre polyester is bonded to the padding with the new Omni-Form Technology, which is a special moulding process made in high frequency that avoids the high temperaturesof the traditional moulding processes. This unique process results in softer materials. The superior elasticity of the materials used, allows the pad to move together with the body and to always return to its original shape, use after use. OmniForm inserts receive an antibacterial treatment that inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria.


3D & Prism Lady:

The 3D-OF insert is a lightweight one-piece insert without seams. Its polyester micro-fibre cover material is bonded to a layer of padding through the OmniForm high frequency process. The new process eliminates hard edges and stiff areas caused by heat in standard moulding processes. The thickness of the various parts of the shammy has been carefully studied to conform perfectly to the male anatomy. Like all OmniForm inserts, the 3D-OF receives an antibacterial treatment that inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria.

The Prism-OF insert is specially designed for women. The padding is strategically placed throughout the insert to maximise comfort and conforms to the female anatomy.